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  • Kiknky tattoed girls is pissed by two guys

    Posted By Sextrainer on April 17, 2014

    It’s time for another great pee sex video. Today we will see Seline, kinky tattoed woman enjoying heavy golden shower and sucking cocks. She gets to the cellar with two strong guys who want to see her piss drinking and giving good head. They even don’t bother to undress her first and start to pee on her in the clothes. Fully soaked in this golden show she becomes horny and wild. Guys make her suck their cocks, continues to pee on her and masturbates her pussy. Excited and wet she sucks the mixture of urine and sperm from their hard dicks. This is really rainy day for this piss drinking slut! If you want to see full time pee sex action featuring this and many other girls you should follow this link to get to the greatest watersport website ever.

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    Amateur black girl tries pee sex

    Posted By Sextrainer on April 10, 2014

    New amateur model is introduced to the pee sex on the roof of the high building. Beautiful dark skinned babe undresses in front of camera and stays only in turquoise lace panties. She slides it aside and pees on the floor with powerful yellow stream letting us enjoy her perfect ebony pussy. After that two men join this hot pee sex action with this amateur pervert. They pee on her, splashing urine over her naked tits and face. Cute ebony girl enjoys that warm golden show that soaked her panties and flowing over her ass. She wants to please guys that gave her such a great opportunity of piss drinking and watersport play and does great blowjob for them. So take a final picture of her, sperm mixed with urine on this happy looking pretty face, what a cocktail! Want to see more piss drinking girls, like to watch pee sex action featuring hottest girls on the net ? In that case you definitely need to get access to this hot weekly updated pissing website.

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    Piss drinking and great blowjob in the new video

    Posted By Sextrainer on April 3, 2014

    Great watersport video with Alicia participating in pee sex for the first time in her life. You may have seen this hot ebony chick with pierced nipples before, in some porn movies, but she never ever tried golden showers or piss drinking. So now she is introduced to this turning on fetish. In order to warm her up a bit, Isis caress her, kisses and sucks her sensitive nipples and masturbates her pussy. Right after that she gets cock in her mouth, but instead of sperm that she used to swallow now she experience piss drinking. Guy pees on Alicia standing on her knees before him, covering her with yellow stream, her hair and panties are soaked in urine totally. After then she turns to him with his back, lifts her ass in the air and alsmost immediately receives strong stream of urine in her asshole. Now its time to please guy with blowjob for giving such a tasty piss drinking session to her. Watch her covered in urine, with sperm dropping from her mouth and kinky smile on her lips. More amateur pee sex videos on the great watersport website here.

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    College professor in pee sex video

    Posted By Sextrainer on March 27, 2014

    Meet Satine Phoenix in the unusual role of the college professor engaged in pee sex action with her student. Look how cute does she look in this working uniform – short skirt, almost transparent white blouse and tie. She teaches her students piss drinking lesson. First she pees through her lacy white panties on the floor giving us great opportunity to see her well shaved wet pussy in soaked tiny panties. After that she offers guys to fill her mouth with urine when she sucks their cocks. These guys don’t hesitate any second and use all the time they had to enjoy this hot pee sex. They stretches Satine’s pussy wide and piss inside, make her suck cock while other guys piss in her ass. She enjoys piss drinking when both guys pee in her mouth together. Soaked in piss and cum she looks really satisfied and happy. Check more videos featuring this hot babe who enjoys golden showers on this great watersport website.

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    Blond girl is totally covered in urine in perverted piss drinking action

    Posted By Sextrainer on March 20, 2014

    Another girl in introduced to the kinky watersport sex play. Lorelei is pissed over by both Isis and her boyfriend, her beautiful blond hair, big tits and wet cunt are soaked in piss. He pussy and asshole are exposed to the camera and also filled with urine. Watch her standing with her shaved cunt and peeing in front of camera, that’s is really worth seeing. Intensive blowjob for the guy is a nice reward for piss drinking session and Lorelei is completely content as she gets orgasm after masturbating herself and splashing piss all over her body. More great pee sex video with amazing kinky girls that need to be pissed over stored on this great website.

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    Felony in pee sex threesome

    Posted By Sextrainer on March 13, 2014

    Horny girl Felony wants to try everything in watersports so gets into some pee sex  action with Isis and Maestro. felony got nice body and great big boobs and it is time for her to get peed. First Isis wants to lick her pussy to make her wet and horny for pee sex, in just a few minutes Felony starts to beg to give her some golden shower and Isis pees on her girl sitting above her with her legs spread, she pees on tits, on clit and wet pussy of the excited babe. After that Maestro joins to have some fun, she pulls out his dick and Felany immediately starts to give head. Next he put his hard dick out of her mouth and starts to pee all over her and then inside throat of the piss drinking slut. Check this amazing pee sex website for more watersport action.

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    Kinky girls in piss drinking and sperm swallowing action

    Posted By Sextrainer on March 6, 2014

    Meet Kristine, beside being pee sex lover, she also likes to be submissive slut for her master. And today she gets both of these pleasure. Being very naughty and perverted she wants her body to be covered in urine and her ass to be spanked in the same time. She enjoys it very much and just begs her master to fill both her asshole and pussy with pee. She starts to masturbate insane then urine is flowing her body and she can smell it everywhere. Wet and wild she wants to do piss drinking right from the cock of her beloved master. In that moment she gets real orgasm and screams loudly until masters stick his dick in her mouth, making her suck hard. In the end he cums in her mouth and his sperm mixes together with urine on the face of Kristine. If you like this pee sex video you definitely need to get access to the great website dedicated to all forms of golden showers and watersports.

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    Girl in glasses is peed over by two guys

    Posted By Sextrainer on February 27, 2014

    I bet you would never ever think that this beautiful innocent-looking girl likes piss drinking golden showers and other type of pee sex. Just Look on her, blue dress, teachers glasses… but what a pervert she is really! First of all she’s got awesome perfectly shaped tits and nice round ass that would make you wanna pee it over…. yes, she like sit very much. She wears only small cotton panties now. She moves it aside and starts to pee on the floor so we can clearly see this golden stream coming out of her well shaved pussy. Her man comes closer, takes out his dick and starts to pee on this cutie, then she is totally covered in urine, including her white cotton panties, she wants to get some in her mouth. Enjoying piss drinking she starts to finger her pussy and asshole and finally gets powerful orgasm. Meet more kinky pee sex lover after joining this great watersport website.

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    Pee sex orgy in the public toilet

    Posted By Sextrainer on February 20, 2014

    Amber Rayne meets two guys on the street before the entrance to the public toilet. After some kinky chat they understand that this girl wouldn’t mind some pee sex action with them. So they enter inside and immediately asks Amber to piss on the floor so they can see everything. Since she likes being watched and her bladder can explode soon, she agrees to do that. After this Amber becomes so horny that she wants to suck some cocks right now, girls unzip their pants and give her that opportunity, after the blowjob they want to pee on their new friend. Amber spread her pussy and asshole so guys can pee right inside of her. finally wants some piss drinking and she gets nice golden shower to swallow. Join this amazing pee sex website so you can have unlimited access to real tons of piss drinking porn.

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    Asian girl in hot pee sex and piss drinking video

    Posted By Sextrainer on February 13, 2014

    Check piss drinking Annie Cruz in the new hot pee sex video from Pissing studio, she goes wild in threesome action with Isis and Maestro. As loyal piss drinking lover Annie comes for more golden shower action to her kinky girlfriend. First she teases us with her brown tits and shakes awesome ass in front of cameras, after she undresses Annie starts to piss everywhere right away while her friends masturbates her pussy, after her bladder is emptied, Isis makes her drink her own pee from the bowl. Now its turn of Maestro to pee in the mouth of this pretty, but perverted girl. He covers all her body with yellow stream, he pees even in the pussy of Annie while she lays with her legs spread and  then on her asshole then she stands in doggy style. After Maestro stops, Isis wants to give her lovely girl some golden showers, she lifts skirt and starts to pee over Annie making her even more soaked. The passionate kiss between two girls covered in piss from their heads till legs is the great finishing scene of this pee sex movie.

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